Welcome to the beggar website! Beggar is a rogue-like game written in java with XML inputs for expandability. I do hope you enjoy the game as the community and hopefully the additions grow! I encourage you to post any comments or thoughts on the sourceforge forums. God willing, I hope to remain an active developer for a while and look forward to input from those that matter... the end-users.

To download Beggar just click here. To get the current news go to the sourceforge news page.


I'm reworking the way items are stored, parsed, and used. Hopefully that will mean a more robust world. The latest version has a quickly maturing slime game.

So far...

Updating the changelog here and on sourceforge is a bit much, so until I have time to rework this site, (I'd rather work on the game itself) read the news.

Release v. 0.4.8

Release v. 0.4.7

Release v. 0.4.6

Release v. 0.4.5

Release v. 0.4.2

Welcome to Beggar v. 0.4.0

The roadmap-ish

This is very likely to change, but it's the plan at this point. Believe it or not I do have the history from version 0.1.0 on a scrap piece of paper somewhere. So I'm making progress! ;-) However it might be useful to note that the amount of time required increases exponentially per development phase. It's like the Richter Scale for earthquakes! I may just make a crawl variant much sooner, so that the game is more interesting to play while we wait for the grandeur of version 1.0 ~ Perhaps version 0.5.0 or so...